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Resource Discovery

Resource Discovery at Pratt Research Library

  Accessing Full-Text Articles from PubMed

If you are searching in PubMed make sure to use the link from the Pratt Library Database page.

The direct link is here: PubMed   This link is configured to connect you with journal subscriptions from Pratt Library and UC Libraries.  This will allow you to see buttons with the library logos that will take you to the full-text article or to the Pratt Library journal list.  The public version of PubMed won’t display these buttons for you and you will not be able to access full-text as easily.

childrens logo or UC Med logo or UC libraries logo

Click these links in the PubMed record (also visible in Abstract view on the results page) to access full-text articles.  You may need to log in as an affiliate if you use the UC Links


PubMed LinkoutButtons

Order an Article in PubMed

If you cannot find the full-text of an article in PubMed and after searching Pratt EDS or UC, you can use the Send to E-Mail button*. This allows you to send your search results to your personal email and then forward to You will receive a confirmation email from Pratt Library along with an order number once your request is processed.
*Please note the comment box has been removed so you must send the request to your email account and then forward it to Pratt Library.

  1. Search as usual in PubMed.
    Before ordering please try these options:
    1. Click on Pratt or UC icons in PubMed.
    2. Check directly in Pratt and/or UC Journal Portal
      as only a portion of the journal collection is in PubMed.

      If the publication cannot be found in either place
      proceed to number 2.
  2. Check the box(es) of the article(s) needed.
  3. Select Email above the results.
  4. To: enter your email address.
    Selection will show your checked boxes or use the scroll down to choose All results on this page. Please make sure you check Pratt and UC.
    Format:  choose Summary.
  5. Click on Send email.
  6. Go to your personal email. The email might take a few minutes to receive. The email displays as Sent by NCBI.
  7. Forward this email to:

A confirmation email with an order number will be sent once your request is processed.



Configuring Your NCBI Account to Show Full-Text Links

How to set-up your PubMed NCBI account to show full-text library links

The easiest way to have full-text library links appear in your PubMed search results is to use the pre-configured Pratt Pubmed link.  However, if this is not convenient for you, or if you have access to other institutions/libraries content, you may wish to set up LinkOut Filters within your own NCBI account.  Setting up your NCBI account to display full-text icons requires following the below steps only once.  The full-text icons will then appear when you are logged into your NCBI account and you will no longer need to access PubMed using special links.

1.) Visit PubMed and sign in to your account.  If you don't already have an NCBI account you may create one here.

2.) Select My NCBI, then scroll down to the Filters box.  Click the Manage Filters link.

3.) Under "Select Catagory," click the "LinkOut" radial button.

4.) In the "Search with Terms (optional)" box, search for "Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center."

5.) When the results show, select both check boxes that appear to the left of "Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center." (The Filter box and the Link Icon box.)

6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for the "University of Cincinnati Medical Center Library" and any other university/library you may have an affiliation with.

  • Please note that Cincinnati Children's electronic resources are available via IP address recognition only.  This means that you must be on an affiliated network (on campus or utilizing VPN) at the time of access in order to be granted full text of the resource.  The University of Cincinnati uses a proxy server which requires login authentication.  See here for more information on how to log in to view UC resources
  • Setting up your library LinkOut links with the steps above will only display LinkOut icons for articles that the publisher or platform has provided Pubmed with full-text links.  Because this information is often missing from epub articles, it is often helpful to check the Pratt Library collection directly. For instructions on this process see here.

Remember to log in to your NCBI account every time you use PubMed so you can easily access full text links to Pratt Library, University of Cincinnati, and any other affiliated library resources!

Open In New Window

If you click on a full text library link and are taken to a primarily blank page except for the following header, please click on the "open the page in a new window" link to be taken to the publishers/vendors page and view the resource. 

*This redirecting page occurs when the supplying publisher's site blocks display of their content in the cross origin of iFrames.  We apologize for this inconvenience.