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Resource Discovery

Resource Discovery at Pratt Research Library

 Full Text Finder Landing Page

1.) Full Text Finder Landing Page

The Full Text Finder page offers a simple search box to enter in Journal titles into (note, this is not a resource to enter a specific journal article title into).  The Full Text Finder landing page also offers a listing of journal subjects- in case you’d like to just browse!

2.)  Let’s say we’re trying to find the article “First Pertussis Vaccine Dose and Prevention of Infant Mortality” located in Pediatrics, June 2015, volume 135, issue 6, pages 990-999.  First we’d enter the title of the journal (Pediatrics) into the search box.

Notice that with Full Text Finder there is an auto-complete feature!

3.)  After entering the journal title and hitting search- we’re taken to our results pages:

4.) After locating the title you were looking for (in this case Pediatrics), you can click on the provider listed with the appropriate affiliated date range.  In our example we’re looking for an article from the June 2015 issue of Pediatrics so we’ll need a source that has content available all the way to the Present.

The affiliated link- American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) will take you to the publishers site, where you can select the appropriate issue containing the full text of your article.

Open In New Window

If you click on a full text library link and are taken to a primarily blank page except for the following header, please click on the "open the page in a new window" link to be taken to the publishers/vendors page and view the resource. 

*This redirecting page occurs when the supplying publisher's site blocks display of their content in the cross origin of iFrames.  We apologize for this inconvenience.