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Resource Discovery

Resource Discovery at Pratt Research Library

Search EDS: Ebsco Discovery Service

To search the Pratt resources you may visit the Pratt Library website and use the available search box- or go click on the EDS Discovery tab at the top of the page.  You must be on a CCHMC campus or utilizing the CCHMC VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) for EDS to complete a search.  **Please note, our resources do not work well with Internet Explorer- if possible please try and utilize a different browser (if you need assistance loading an alternative browser onto your computer please contact CCHMC Information Services at 636-4100).

  1. In the EDS Search Box type your query- then hit the search button.  If you like, you can choose to apply a limit to your search, such as Full Text Only, Scholarly, or Catalog Only. Because EDS is a discovery software, and not just a library catalog, results are included from a multitude of databases- not just the library collection.  If you are only interested in items the library has subscriptions to, then consider using the Pratt limiter- see instructions in the box to the right. For more information about using limits within EDS check out the full EDS Guide.
  2. Find your desired article from the list of search results.  Click one of the Full Text link options to be taken to the article.  For more information on the different types of full text links within EDS please see the EDS Libguide.  Once on the article webpage- look for the PDF option if you wish to download the full text of the article.
  3. If there is not a full text option listed for your desired article, you may use your LoansomeDoc account to request the article if there is a "Request this item through LoansomeDoc" link available.
  4. After searching, if there is not a full-text link option available or if you cannot find the resource that you need, you might try a search within Google Scholar (especially if the article is very new or recent) or fill out the Pratt Article Request Form.

Available titles may link you to one or more sources, including any of the following**:

  • Publisher’s sites (including free titles)
  • Ebsco’s EJS
  • Clinical Key
  • Ebsco databases
  • Journals@Ovid
  • OhioLink Electronic Journals Center (EJC)
  • OhioLink databases

** Note: OhioLINK items and UC e-journals require login to the proxy server for Affiliate/Off-campus access from CCHMC. For information on how to login click here.

ahead of Print

If your desired article has been published ahead of print- and you did not locate it using the above instructions- you can try searching the journal directly using these steps.

1.) Within EDS enter a search for the title or ISSN of the journal your article is located in.

2.) Available titles will show one or more sources. Check the coverage dates to be sure your article will be included. For instance, in the example below, if you need an article from the current month you would choose "American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)" instead of the others, because they do not have articles past 2005. If there are multiple sources and one source does not work for you, try another one.

3. Once you are directed to the source for the journal- find the year, month, issue, etc. that you desire. Or look for an "Ahead of Print" or "Current Issue" section.

Pratt Collection

Don't want to mess with results from OhioLink, or Ebsco databases?  Use the "Pratt Library Catalog" limit under the "Content Provider" section on the left hand page of your results.  This will limit your results to only items held by Pratt Library and the University of Cincinnati!

Open In New Window

If you click on a full text library link and are taken to a primarily blank page except for the following header, please click on the "open the page in a new window" link to be taken to the publishers/vendors page and view the resource. 


*This redirecting page occurs when the supplying publisher's site blocks display of their content in the cross origin of iFrames.  We apologize for this inconvenience.