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Resource Discovery

Resource Discovery at Pratt Research Library

Finding Full Text Articles-Video

UC's Electronic Resources

If you try to find an article in Pratt Library’s Full Text Finder and cannot find the title, try UC e-journals

1. To get to UC’s e-journals from Pratt Library's e-journals portal, click on the "UC Library" link, located in the top right hand corner.Or visit the UC electronic journal portal directly.

2. Select the "Journals" tab from the menu. Then click on the "Electronic Journals" link.

3. Login to UC using the "Affiliates" tab.  Your "UC ID Number" is your CCHMC badge number.

 4.  In the search box, type in the title of the journal you are searching for. In this case, we are looking for journal title 'Archives of Disease in Childhood.' You can enter either the full title if the journal or the official abbreviation (Arch Dis Child). Click "Search."


5. A list of possible results appear.  We can see that for our desired title, Archives of Disease in Childhood there are several possible sources.  The first source, BMJ Journals, offers the widest range of content from 1926 to the present.  By clicking on the hyperlinked source, you will be taken directly to the sources website, where you can find the full text of your desired article.

  • Check the coverage dates of the database to be sure your article is included
    • ** "Embargo" signifies years that we DO NOT have access to. For example: 2004-Present (Embargo current year) = Pratt Library does not have access to any current year issues
  • Click on the database link that matches the coverage dates your article falls between
  • Once in the journal website, look for a "Current Issue" link for the latest issue. If the article is in an older issue, look for an "Archive" (sometimes called "Past issues") link and click
  • Click through the correct year, volume and issue numbers
  • Find the article page numbers you need and then you should see either a pdf icon or an html link to open the full text article, click on it to open
  • Remember, not all publisher websites look the same. Look around the website for key words like: Archive, Current Issue, Past Issues, or chronological hyperlinked listings of issues

8. If you are asked for a login before accessing the resource- If you are a CCHMC employee use the "Affiliates Login" tab (your "UC ID number" is your CCHMC badge number). If you are a UC employee, use the "UC Login" tab. For further UC login help see UC Information Services.

AFFILIATES LOGIN                                        



If you are unable to find what you need through the Pratt Full Text Finder or UC e-journals, you can order your article through PubMed. If your article is not indexed in PubMed, use this Article Request form.