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Scopus - Citation Counts - Instructions

  1. Go to Scopus using
    Pratt Databases tab

    Go directly to the UC link Scopus.
    Login using your either
    UC affiliation (faculty) OR
    Affiliates Login
  2. In Scopus, select ‘Authors’.
  3. Enter last name e.g. ‘Glauser’.
  4. Enter first name ‘T. A.’ or ‘Tracy A’.
  5. Choose ‘Search’.
  6. Select the box(es) of the correct person.
    In this example click 'All' at the top because both profiles are correct.
  7. Click on the ‘View citation overview’ button at the top of the list of results.
  8. In the next page you will see the 'Citation Overview' page.
    Note: the 'Citation overview' page includes the h-index and a year graph of results.
  9. Select a 'Date range'-typically five or six years.
  10. In the ‘Overview Options’ box at the top of this page click the box next to ‘Exclude self citations of selected authors’.
    Click the ‘Update’ button to remove the self-citations.
  11. Click the box(es) next to the publication(s) you want to download
    Do not check any boxes to include them all.
  12. Go to top right page and click ‘Export’ to create an Excel sheet.

    The Excel sheet will include total citation counts by year and a total overall.