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EndNote is a reference management tool that makes collecting citations (aka references) and writing papers so much faster and easier! Using EndNote you can search for the articles you want to cite in several databases, add them to your library and finally insert them into your paper. EndNote will cite the articles in the text of the paper according to any style that you choose (e.g. JAMA) and create a reference list at the end of your paper. 

Get Started! 

Download EndNote (click on 'Install EndNote Instructions' tab)

Create a Library  
Please note: If you support multiple people you will create a separate library for each person or project. 

  1. Add articles using the various ways to get them into your library
  2. Edit, organize and add PDFs (optional)
  3. Write papers and add citations

Find Full Text using EndNote!

Endote will find the PDF or URL and attach it to your reference. Remember, Endnote cannot link everything we own or to UC e-journals so you will still have to check both Pratt Library and UC Libraries before requesting an article.

To add this features full capabilities to your library follow the directions below:

In EndNote

  1. Edit>Preferences>Find Full Text
  2. Check the boxes of all options (DOI is not necessary but can be helpful)
  3. Paste the link below into the Open URL Path box
  4. Click Apply (or Ok)
  5. To run Find Full Text in Endnote highlight the reference or references that you want to check. If you have more than one reference, highlight the first reference, hold down the ctrl key and continue choosing the rest of the references in your library.
  6. Right click and choose Find Full Text>Find Full Text (or Go to References>Find Full Text>Find Full Text).
  7. Click Ok when you get the pop-up window with the Endnote Find Full Text copyright and usage notice.
  8. Look at the bottom of your screen on the left side in the Find Full Text section. You will see Endnote looking for PDFs and URLs. Endnote will let you know not only if it found something but it will add the PDF or URL into the appropriate fields.