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Measure Your Research Impact-h-index, impact factor and more

Journal metrics measure, compare and rank journal to show scholarly, research impact. Right now there are two places to find these metrics, JCR, a Clarivate Analytics product and Scopus. All Cincinnati Children's employees have access to Scopus but only UC Faculty can access JCR through UC Libraries. 

CiteScore, can be found in Scopus and a a journal performance metric.

  • Counts the citations during a 3 year period (articles, review, conference papers, book chapters and data paper
  • Divides the number above by the number of publications published in the same 3 year period.

For more information please visit their website: 

The Impact Factor can be found in JCR within Web of Science. This is Clarivate Analytics product ONLY available through UC for Faculty
(Cincinnati Children's Employees do not access).

  • Calculation of the average number of citations from a specific journal to recent articles
  • Measures the of importance of a journal within its field
  • Devised by Eugene Garfield ( founder of the Institute for Scientific Information)
  • Calculated yearly and are always one year behind

Please note: Not every journal has an impact factor because a journal might be too new or it is simply not tracked by JCR