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NIH Public Access Policy

There are four different ways to submit articles to PubMed Central. It is very important to check this information out before an article is published. and to make sure you are not violating copyright (some publishers do not allow this-in which case you need to find another publisher to comply with your grant agreement). 

  • Method A
    Publisher automatically submits the article due to a relationship with the NIH without author involvement. Check the list below for a list of  journals/publishers.
    Method A Journal/Publishers List
  • Method B
    Author makes an agreement with the Publisher
    to submit for a fee. Arrangements must be made before the paper is published! Check the list below for a list of  journals/publishers.
    Method B Journal/Publishers List
  • Method C
    First author submits the article using NIHMS
    by uploading the publisher's electronic article, including separate tables, that the should authors receive upon publication.
    Author must use NIHMS and follow the steps to submit and approve the electronic article uploads.
    Use NIHMS to submit the electronic version of the paper.
    See also
  • Method D
    Publisher volunteers to submit the article using NIHMS
    but does not have a relationship with the NIH. Authors must complete the approval steps once it has been converted to PMC. 
    Method D Publishers List

For complete details see Submission Methods