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New Way to Login to NCBI

NCBI is changing the way Investigators and Delegates login to MyNCBI. As of June 1, 2021 everyone will have to login
using "federated" account credentials using one of these options:

  • eRA Commons
  • Google
  • University or Institutional point of access (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center) - See "Instructions for users with My NCBI account-institutional login" below.

Please be assured nothing in your account will change (e.g. My Bibiliography, SciENcv etc), the only change is the way users login.

See also:

  • All NIH investigators with eRA Commons account should use the eRA Commons option to login. They must also make sure that their eRA Commons is linked to their My NCBI account. If these accounts are not linked be sure to link them before June 1, 2021.
    See instructions “Linking My NCBI to eRA Commons” for more information.
    Note: If the investigator has two My NCBI accounts both need to be linked before they can login using eRA Commons credentials.
    • Forgot your My NCBI username or password?
      Follow the "Forgot NCBI username or password" link on the bottom of the My NCBI sign in page.  
    • Forgot your eRA Commons password?
      Follow the "(For external users) Forgot Password/Unlock Account?" link in the top left section of the eRA Commons homepage

Contact the eRA Commons Help Desk via link or phone numbers
See bottom left section of the eRA Commons homepage.

  • If an Investigator granted a person Delegate status to manage compliance on their behalf, the Delegate needs to follow the directions in the box below: "Instructions for users with My NCBI account-Institutional login".
    It is important that the Investigator ensures their My NCBI and eRA Commons accounts are linked as instructed in the first bullet for the delegate to manage their My NCBI account.

    : If the Investigators My NCBI and eRA Commons are not linked the delegate will not be able to see the Awards View in My NCBI. Refer to Linking My NCBI to eRA Commons for help.
  • A delegate must create their own My NCBI account in PubMed before they can become a delegate for an investigator. As a delegate, this person can then manage the Investigator's My Bibliography, adding publications as well as manage compliance.

Note: If the Investigator's My NCBI and eRA Commons accounts are not linked, the delegate will not be able to see the "Awards View" in My NCBI. In this case, the Investigator should refer to “Link Commons Account to My NCBI” for help.

  1. Login to My NCBI using the Log in on the top right of the PubMed home page. (figure 1)
  2. Click on your username in the top bar to load your NCBI Account Settings page. (figure 2)
  3. If your Settings page looks like figure 3: you have a “Native NCBI Account” username and password and have no linked accounts, then you will need to add a linked account.
  4. To add a linked account, click the “Change” button under Linked Accounts. (figure 3)
  5. Choose University/institutional
  6. Type Cincinnati and click on Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center from the list. (figure 4)
  7. Login using your hospital credentials. Choose one of these:
    “Ask me again at the next login”
    “Ask me again if information to be provided to this services changes”-chosen in this example
    “Do not ask me again”-You will not have to login again until you change your hospital login (every 90 days)

    Click “I agree, continue”
    (figure 5)
  8. Your account is now linked with Cincinnati Children's. You will use your usual login to get into My NCBI.
    To see the link click on your user name at the top and you will see Linked accounts: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and your email. (figure 6)
    Please note: You can click Change at any time to use a different “federated” login (e.g. Google).
  9. Confirm and login using your hospital credentials (user name and password).
  10. To login the new way click Log on the top right of the PubMed home page. (figure 1)
  11. Click on “Login in again with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center”. (figure 7)
  12. Log in using your hospital credentials. (figure 8)

figure 1

figure 2

figure 3

figure 4

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