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NIH Public Access Policy

Creating a report in PDF (e.g. RPPR) format using My Bibliography or Other is easy:

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to My NCBI located in the top right hand corner and login.
  3. Go to 'My Bibliography' or 'Other'.
  4. Using the scroll down under 'Display Setting'
    • View-choose 'Award'.
    • Sort by - choose 'Public Access Compliance'.
    • Grouping -choose  'By citation type'
  5. From the 'Filter citations by' column on the right of the page and check box next to the appropriate award under 'Awards' OR check the box next to 'Linked to my 'Awards' under 'Paper-grant Associations'.
  6. Click 'Apply Filters'.
  7. Click Select All at the top of the page in the blue band.
  8. Click on 'PDF Report'.
  9. Fill in the PI's First Name and Last Name and starting page number.
  10. Finally click on 'Download PDF'.

See more information My Bibliography Help