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EDS: Ebsco Discovery Service

A general users guide to using the EDS service.

About EDS

EDS: Ebsco Discovery Service is a discovery software tool (more than just a library catalog) that allows users to search numerous databases, as well as the majority of  Pratt Library resources, in one place.  This includes searching for journal articles, e-books, and physical items in the library catalog like books and DVDs.  Features of the EDS service include:

  • Ability to limit searches by subject, date, source type, content provider, scholarly designation, full text availability, and more
  • Complete library catalog loaded directly into EDS so users can easily search for items only available from the library
  • Detailed metadata (e.g., keywords, subjects, author-supplied abstracts)
  • Single, simple entry point for searching many databases at once- including UC Catalog, Pratt Resources & OhioLink Catalog.
  • Pre-indexing of a vast quantity of metadata ensures immediate search results
  • Powerful, user-friendly interface based on the familiar Ebscohost platform
  • Indexing for thousands of journals from publishers such as Sage, Elsevier, and Wiley

EDS and Browsers

Which browsers work with EDS?

EDS and the associated content works best with the following browsers:
Google Chrome 16.0 or later
Firefox 8.0 or later
Safari 5.1 or later
There may be some EDS functionality which is not available with other browsers and versions.  We are working to expand this list of browsers and an updated list will be posted when new browsers are available. 

Please note, with the current security measures put in place by the CCHMC IS department, some functionalities and links from EDS may be blocked when using Internet Explorer due to certificate errors.  Until these issues are resolved, please use any of the browsers listed above when accessing EDS.

EDS Search Box Test

EBSCO Discovery Service





What do these options mean?

Drop Down Menu

Keyword- a keyword search is the broadest type of search you can perform and is the default setting for EDS.  The results will include any record that has the word you typed, regardless of where teh word is located in the record.

Title- a title search will limit your results to the title or name of the item.

Author- an author search will limit your results to the creator of the item.

Check-Box Options

Full Text (Online)- to limit your results to items with a full copy available to be viewed online, select the "Full Text" option. Your results will only show items that have Full Text, and items that are only available in print will not be in the results

Available in Library Collection- instead of limiting to full text, this option includes books and journals available either online or in print at the Library. Results exclude content that is not available in the Library collections.

Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed)- this limiter limits results to items that have been subjected to a Blind Peer Review, Editorial Board Peer Review, or Expert Peer Review.

Catalog Only- the “Catalog Only” limiter will limit your search results to items only in the OhioLink Library Catalog and UC Library Catalog. All other results from other databases will be excluded.


EDS Tutorial

When should I use EDS?

EDS is a great place to start your research. It helps you quickly find relevant resources on a subject, without having to decide which database(s) to search. You can limit your search results in a variety of ways, including date range, source type, subject, and scholarly designation. The library's cataloged resources are also integrated into the search results, which makes EDS a good place to check to see if the library has the full text of a journal article or a book that you desire.

When should I NOT use EDS?

To take advantage of the richest features of a database, including the subject thesaurus or specialized limiters, you may choose to search a specific subject relevant database.  For example, Business Source Complete, PsycINFO, and PubMed have powerful features only available in their unique interfaces.

EDS Relevancy Ranking

Why do search results appear in the order that they do?  Ebsco employs a comprehensive relevance ranking strategy.  For more specific details on Ebsco's relevance ranking strategy click here.

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