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Evidence Based Literature Searching

Thinking about the type of question will help you focus in on  literature that is relevant to your PICO question. It can also help point you to an appropriate type of study.

This list is just a sampling of the types of questions. There are many more!


How to select and interpret diagnostic tests

Sample? Can a sonography or abdominal computed tomography (CT) scan accurately diagnose acute appendicitis in children?


How to select treatments to offer patients that do more good than harm and that are worth the efforts and costs of using them

Sample? What is the best treatment for school-aged children with migraines?


How to estimate the patient's likely clinical course over time and anticipate likely complications of disease

Sample? What is the likelihood of relapse in a teenager diagnosed with bipolar?


How to identify causes for disease

Sample? Among adolescent females who are on low-dose oral contraceptives, what is their risk of developing a blood clot?