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Brief History of Children's Hospital (1900-1930)


1901 The first elevator was installed, with funds raised by the Co-Operative Society
Benjamin Knox Rachford, named chair of Pediatrics at UC College of Medicine
November 18, 1903 Chapel dedicated
1904 A new wing was added to the second hospital building
February 1, 1906 Training school for nurses opened
1907 First X-ray machine at Children's Hospital
1908 Ohio Medical College merges with Miami Medical College to form the Medical College of the University of Cincinnati
1908-1914 Arch Carson, M.D., president of the Medical Staff
1909 Babies Milk Fund was established to provide 'certified' milk to infants and children
1911 Junior Co-Operative Society established
1913 Housemother hired to direct all social, moral, and devotional matters
William Cooper Procter joins the Board of Trustees
1915 The nurse training program expanded to two years
1916 Electric lights were installed throughout the hospital as a gift from the Junior Co-Operative Society
1919 Ethel Winston, M.D., first resident physician
October 4, 1920 Mary Emery endows pediatric chair in honor of Benjamin Knox Rachford, M.D.
1921 William Cooper Procter named President of the Board of Trustees
July 5, 1921 Medical staff approves organizational changes: new Board of Trustees established; name changed to Children's Hospital
1922 First constitution and bylaws of the Medical and Dental Staff
Kenneth Blackfan, M.D., named the first B.K. Rachford Professor of Pediatrics
1923 First Grand Rounds
Accreditation as a Class A children's hospital
Planning begins for constructing a new hospital
1924 Albert Graeme Mitchell, M.D., named second B.K. Rachford Professor of Pediatrics
1926 Pediatric residency program officially recognized
August 6, 1926 An affiliation agreement with the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine signed
November 18, 1926 Third hospital building, located at Elland and Bethesda Avenues, dedicated
December 6, 1926 The third hospital building officially opens
1928 Vincent Hall (nurses' dormitory) opens
January 4, 1928 William Cooper Procter announces $2.5 million gift to construct and endow the Children's Hospital Research Foundation (CHRF)