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Brief History of Children's Hospital (1883-1899)


1883 Bishop Thomas Jagger, first chairman of the Board of Trustees; Mrs. Alexander McGuffey, first president, of the Board of Lady Managers
October 1, 1883 The Home for Sick Children opens in Cincinnati, the city's first pediatric hospital. The Home remained open until 1887
November 10, 1883 Articles of Incorporation signed for the creation of the Protestant Episcopal Hospital
1884 First physicians at Children's Hospital: William Carson, N.P. Dandridge, D.S. Connor, W.A. Dunn
January 1, 1884 First Donation Day, raising $2,945
January 16, 1884 Co-Operative Society holds its first meeting
March 1884 The Hospital of the Protestant Episcopal Church officially opens
1886 First outpatient clinic at Children's Hospital
1887-1905 Bishop Boyd Vincent, vice president, Board of Trustees
A.G. Rose, DDS, added to the medical staff
November 23, 1887 The second hospital building, located on North Main Street in Mount Auburn, officially opens (gift of J. Josiah and Thomas J. Emery)
1888 Cincinnati Children's purchases burial lot at Spring Grove Cemetery
July 1889 Mrs. A. Eliza Gordon, first Governess, and teacher
1894 Mrs. Henry Probasco, second president, Board of Lady Managers
September 1, 1894 Eliza Dickey, first Superintendent