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Cincinnati Children's Author Publications

June (May publications) 2022

1. Albon D, Thomas L, Hoberg L, Stamper S, Somerville L, Varghese P, Balasa E, Roman M, Britto MT, Miner M, Gehring E, Gammon C, Amin RS, Seid M, Powers M, group CFLNtiw. Cystic fibrosis learning network telehealth innovation lab during the COVID-19 pandemic: a success QI story for interdisciplinary care and agenda setting. BMJ Open Qual. May 2022;11(2).

 2. Aljaberi N, Wenderfer SE, Mathur A, Qiu T, Jose S, Merritt A, Rose J, Devarajan P, Huang B, Brunner H. Clinical measurement of lupus nephritis activity is inferior to biomarker-based activity assessment using the renal activity index for lupus nephritis in childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus. Lupus Sci Med. May 2022;9(1).

 3. Alturkustani M, Gallant R, Raca G, Ranganathan S, Mahabir R, Biegel JA, Mascarenhas L, Moke D, Szymanski LJ. Pediatric Metastatic Hepatoblastoma With an ARID1A Mutation and Rhabdoid Cells. Int J Surg Pathol. May 2022;30(3):307-312.

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 11. Aukrust CG, Parikh K, Smart LR, Mdala I, Fjeld HE, Lubuulwa J, Makene AM, Hartl R, Winkler AS. Pediatric Hydrocephalus in Northwest Tanzania: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study of Clinical Characteristics and Early Surgical Outcomes from the Bugando Medical Centre. World Neurosurg. May 2022;161:e339-e346.

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