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Current Awareness Tools

Email alerts are messages sent to you each time an area of interest of your choice is updated. Email alerts can be from sources including journals, databases, and organizations.

A few examples of alerts include:

  • Table of Contents (TOC) Alerts: These alerts are sent out from Journals every time a new issue is released with the table of contents.
  • Search Alerts: You can automatically save searches from any database and have new results sent daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Citation Alerts: Save your favorite article in a database and get an email every time this article is cited.


Email alerts offer many features to help users keep current:

  • Saves time and effort
    • Runs a search created and saved for weeks, months or even a year later.
    • Alert sends new articles directly to your email on a schedule that you choose.
  • Updates a literature search strategy for a special long term project (e.g. Systematic OR Scoping Review) and can be followed for updated articles over the period of time the project is active.
  • Keep up with the latest trends or topics-Get the latest articles on a specific disease or condition.
  • Follow your favorite authors and get their newest articles.

Below are several popular databases and publisher with links to instructions on how to set up alerts.