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Symplectic Elements

Automatic Claiming and Author Identifiers

There are several author identifiers used and tracked across publications, such as email addresses, ORCiD identifiers, and Scopus Author Identifier.  These identifiers are recommended as potentially belonging to the employee, and allows them to claim the id and then all publications tagged with this identifier are automatically claimed/accepted in the author’s profile. For more detailed information on identifiers check the Author Identifiers guide.

Searching for Historical Publications

Using the prior appointments found in the person’s CV, enter those into the address fields (Harvard Medical School) in addition to the name variations (e.g. maiden name, one initial, two initials).  If the author has a common name, then you will likely want to search prior organizations individually, accept the appropriate publications and add additional organizations after each cleansing step.  This will likely leave you with a handful of potential publications (i.e. meeting abstracts, corrections, addendums, etc.) that are not included in the CV.

Note: Once all publications have been identified and added to the profile please make sure to clear any additions to Addresses, Keywords etc. The profile should only contain Name variants and the Address Cincinnati-(this will allow the publications where only UC can be cited to be found as well).  

Search filters include: 

  • Name variants-variations of the author’s name as it appears in scholarly activities
  • Addresses-names of current and previous institutions
  • Keywords-use words that describe the area(s) of discipline
  • Journals-journal titles
  • Specific article IDs-unique id assigned by an online database e.g. PMID in PubMed

Source-specific name based search terms-check sources that apply to the correct discipline

Symplectic Elements Inclusion

If an employee is new to CHMC or moves into a common research position, they will automatically be added to Symplectic Elements (Elements). See “When and how are new employees added to the system?” for details about who is automatically added to Elements.

  • Faculty roles will automatically be set to search external sources for publications. 
    Note: Profiles that include a larger than expected Pending number must make sure to read through the entire process before starting.
  • Other titles may have the search settings defaulted to off and you will need to manually turn them on in Elements. See DPOC-Turn on searches box for details. Please check Elements for an employee profile and turning on the searches before submitting an Access Request Form.

Remaining Pending Publications

You will likely need to work with the author to verify some of the pending items belong to them before proceeding.  Elements can search and sometimes match on items not included in CVs, such as conferences and meeting abstracts.  You should accept those that belong to the author and reject those that do not if there are only a few.

If there are numerous pending publications remaining then you can clear the Pending publications by navigating to the HOME tab, scrolling to the bottom and selecting “Reset (clear) pending publications”.

Note: If you do not adjust the search settings to limit the addresses then the cleared pending publications will return to the Pending queue after searches run again. It is important to add Name Variants and/or Addresses before clearing this que.

Missing Publication and Potential Issues

Do not reject all pending publications. If a publication in the list is actually correct you will have to go in the Not Mine tab and claim it. If you try to force it in using e.g. the PMID, Symplectic will not add it because the item is technically in the profile in the Not Mine tab.

Once the settings have been cleared OR the Pending tab items have been claimed or rejected there may be some missing scholarly activities. There are several fields in My Search Settings on the HOME tab that the author or delegate can adjust* to enable Symplectic Elements to more accurately find these scholarly activities:

Make sure to Save all changes (located at the bottom of the page) and then click on Run my searches. Go back to the Home tab and see if any new publications are waiting to be claimed.

For more information see the guide Symplectic Elements Automatic Claiming and Name-Based search (this includes how to find Online database IDs) in the box at the bottom of this column.

If you need more help please email Elements_SysAdmin and a team member will help you adjust these settings.

*Note: It is not necessary to adjust all of these fields.

Initial Profile Cleansing

Depending on the publishing activity and name of the author, the initial profile cleansing can take some time.  Here are recommended tips to make this easier. Make sure to request a copy of the person’s current CV before starting this process, profile cleansing can take some time.

Download this PDF RAR Publication Profile Cleansing Division Quick Reference to learn how to clean and update a new person's profile.