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Request an Article/Book Chapter

Before submitting this article request form, please search for your article in these five databases:

1. Pratt Library's Discovery Service : Ebsco's Discovery Service is a discovery software tool (more than just a library catalog) that allows users to search numerous databases at once, including a majority of  Pratt Library's resources. Learn more here.  *Users must be on CCHMC's campus or VPN'd in to use

2. Pratt Library's electronic journals: This search is limited to Pratt Library's electronic journals only. *Users must be on CCHMC's campus or VPN'd in to use

3. UC's electronic journals: This search is limited to UC's electronic journals only. Users can search these journals from anywhere, as long as they sign in to UC's proxy server first:

Login to UC using the "Affiliates" tab.  Your "UC ID Number" is your CCHMC badge number:


4. Google ScholarGoogle Scholar, a free tool, indexes scholarly literature in various publishing formats and subject specialties. It allows you to begin your search for full text access to articles just by setting a few preferences.

5. Create a "LoansomeDoc" account inside of of PubMed to request the article via inter-library loan (ILL): If you cannot find full text in any of these searches, please submit your article to be ordered via Inter-Library Loan by creating a "LoansomeDoc" account inside of PubMed.


If you cannot find your article in any of these five searches, please submit a request for your article via this form:

RUSH designations should be reserved soley for articles needed within 24 hours for clinical emergencies. RUSH requests submitted after 2:00 p.m. are not guaranteed same day delivery.