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NIH announces Preprint Pilot in PubMed!

The NIH is exploring approaches to increase discoverabliity of early NIH research results. These preprints will be availalbe in PubMed Central (PMC) starting June 8, 2020 and will last for at least the next 12 months.

"The pilot will initially focus on increasing the discoverability of preprints with NIH support relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic".

For more information:

Learn more about Preprints (and IRPs):








By Thomas Shafee - Own work; adapted from diagram by Ginny Barbour, CC BY 4.0

New PubMed is now up and running!

The new version of PubMed is now up and running.

Please replace any saved bookmark with this:,ohuncilib

Click below for a full introduction to the changes:

There are several very quick trainings produced by the NIH (2 minutes each) available in the ELM (search PubMed, the title OR the Activity code) to become familiar with the new set up:

  • PubMed-Save Searches and Set Email Alerts:
    Activity Code ES_07438_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB
  • PubMed-Get the Full Text of an Article* 
    Activity Code ES_07437_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB
  • PubMed-Find Articles by Author:
    Activity Code ES_07439_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB
  • PubMed-Find Articles by Journal:
    Activity Code ES_07441_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB
  • PubMed-Find Articles by Topic:
    Activity Code ES_07440_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB

*Please remember this is not the only way to get full text! See our guides from more information on searching Pratt and UC Libraries:

Are you new to Cincinnati Children's and need to find out about library resources?

For our busy new employees we now offer a quick 20 minute online Pratt Research Library Orientation through the ELM. This course provides an overview of services and resources available from Pratt Research Library. It is intended for new employees, those new to using library resources, and those interested in refreshing their knowledge of Pratt Library. Highlights include:

  • Contact information
  • Log in to UC
  • Request articles not availalbe as full text in PubMed, Pratt or UC

Search Pratt Library Orientation in the ELM OR Activity code: PS_07250_20200511_0000_WB_WEBB.


'New' PubMed to replace 'Legacy' PubMed on or around May 18th

Around May 18, 2020 (possibly a little sooner) 'New' PubMed with be the default website. A yellow banner will be seen on 'Legacy' PubMed alerting users to the change. While all the the same great features from the legacy version are in 'New' PubMed the way to get to them has changed. Our understanding is that 'Legacy' PubMed will be around for several months until they shut down this website. Rest assured everything in your My NCBI account e.g. My Bibliography and SciENcv will move over to 'New' PubMed without having to do anything.
Sign up for a training in ELM! We will use Skype:
1. Thursday, April 23 from 10-11:30
Activity code in the ELM:
2. Tuesday, May 5 from 10-11:30
Activity code in the ELM:

New PubMed:
'Legacy' PubMed:

For more detailed information check out the FAQs on the NIH website:

Pratt Library Remote Access Work Guide

Many of us are working remotely for the first time or for more often than usual. Pratt Library is here to support you and we want to share some best practices for how to access library resources based on the method you use for remote access.

Access Pratt Resources
Access via the link ( or at the bottom of any Centerlink page under Just the Facts while onsite or using VPN access.

Full access to Pratt Subscription databases, books, journal articles, and much more through licenses exclusively for Children’s is available when connected to our secure network on-site OR off-campus through VPN access (search VPN in Centerlink) once you request authorization. If you are accessing using the Extranet you will not be able to access many Pratt Library resources. Please go directly to UC Libraries to access library resources.

Access UC Resources
Employees have access to many resources from the University of Cincinnati. Instructions for logging into and using UC resources can be found here:

EXTRANET Access – for best experiences please access the extranet from one web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and UC Libraries in a different browser (e.g. Chrome) to minimize error messages and for faster response time when loading library resources.

For more information:
Please email with any questions.

Space still available in 2/12 New PubMed class

There is still space available in tomorrow's New PubMed class 2/12 from 9-10:30am. Please email to register! 

This 90 minute in-person class is intended for all learners and will demonstrate navigating and basic searching in the New PubMed website. Upon completion of this class, the learner will be able to navigate PubMed's new website, identify key tools, and perform a basic search utilizing at least one tool.

Register for the next session in March in ELM

Can't make the classes? Get famliar with New PubMed by watching this quick, interacitve video: on finding the latest treatments of a disease or disorder.