Web of Science cancellation - Access & Alternatives

Pratt Library will no longer have access to the database Web of Science™ but will continue to provide alternative methods to access the information you need. Please see the changes below with hyperlinks for more information.

What’s changing? 

Cincinnati Children’s Web of Science™ subscription will expire September 19, 2021

  • Faculty can continue using Web of Science™ via UC Libraries website through their UC Faculty status.
  • Non-Faculty Employees will NO LONGER have access to Web of Science™ through the Pratt Library or UC Libraries.

When is it changing?

Cincinnati Children’s Web of Science™ subscription will expire September 19, 2021.

  • Faculty: Access Web of Science™ directly through UC Libraries.
  • Non-Faculty: NO LONGER have access to Web of Science™ via Pratt OR UC Libraries. 
    Scopus is an alternative (see below for more information).

What do we use now (Faculty AND Non-Faculty)? 

Alternative options for citation counts and other bibliometric data: 

  • Scopus - via Pratt Library OR directly through UC Libraries.
  • Dimensions (Digital Science product) - added into Symplectic Elements (SE) in March 2021.

Check out the entire Web of Science Changes and Alternatives Guide for more information including:

Please email prattlibrary@cchmc.org with any questions or concerns.