'New' PubMed to replace 'Legacy' PubMed on or around May 18th

Around May 18, 2020 (possibly a little sooner) 'New' PubMed with be the default website. A yellow banner will be seen on 'Legacy' PubMed alerting users to the change. While all the the same great features from the legacy version are in 'New' PubMed the way to get to them has changed. Our understanding is that 'Legacy' PubMed will be around for several months until they shut down this website. Rest assured everything in your My NCBI account e.g. My Bibliography and SciENcv will move over to 'New' PubMed without having to do anything.
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1. Thursday, April 23 from 10-11:30
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2. Tuesday, May 5 from 10-11:30
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New PubMed:
'Legacy' PubMed:

For more detailed information check out the FAQs on the NIH website: