New PubMed is now up and running!

The new version of PubMed is now up and running.

Please replace any saved bookmark with this:,ohuncilib

Click below for a full introduction to the changes:

There are several very quick trainings produced by the NIH (2 minutes each) available in the ELM (search PubMed, the title OR the Activity code) to become familiar with the new set up:

  • PubMed-Save Searches and Set Email Alerts:
    Activity Code ES_07438_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB
  • PubMed-Get the Full Text of an Article* 
    Activity Code ES_07437_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB
  • PubMed-Find Articles by Author:
    Activity Code ES_07439_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB
  • PubMed-Find Articles by Journal:
    Activity Code ES_07441_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB
  • PubMed-Find Articles by Topic:
    Activity Code ES_07440_20200515_0000_WB_WEBB

*Please remember this is not the only way to get full text! See our guides from more information on searching Pratt and UC Libraries: