Kopernio offers One Click Access to PDFs

Kopernio is a free browser plugin that integrates with scholarly databases and journal websites and uses your library credentials to provide single click access to PDF files of journal articles.  It provides legal access to PDFs by searching library subscriptions, open access publishers, institutional repositories, pre-print servers, Google Scholar, and your Kopernio search history.  Once installed, the Kopernio plugin will appear when you are searching in PubMed, Google Scholar, and Web of Science, as well as many journal publisher websites.  



  • Easy to find, one click access to PDF documents from PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, and many journal websites
  • PDFs are automatically saved into a cloud based "locker" for simple future access and also are downloadable
  • Free for the basic version, premium version available if you invite a friend to join


  • Slows down your browser while searching in databases due to searching process
  • Unable to connect to Pratt Library subscriptions and does not support to all journals - it is academic institution focused and utilizes Cincinnati Children's employees affiliate access to the University of Cincinnati Libraries
  • Not currently available for all web browsers - Internet Explorer is not supported (currently available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera)


  • Disabling the plugin while searching extensively and to speed up your search if you don't need immediate access to full-text
  • Install in a less frequently used browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Opera only right now) and use that browser when searching for full-text 

Kopernio in PubMed

Kopernio in Web of Science

Kopernio in Google Scholar

Kopernio from a journal website

How to use Kopernio with University of Cincinnati Library subscriptions

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