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New Resource

Pratt Library Adds & Drops

As of 12/31/17 the Edward L. Pratt Research Library will no longer provide institutional access to the following resources:

Infection and Immunity

Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Journal of Virology

Molecular and Cellular Biology

International Journal of Developmental Biology

Introducing: AccessPediatrics


HS Talks: The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection

Over 2,200 specially prepared, animated, seminar-style talks available online from Pratt Research Library.

We have organized unrestricted access to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection.

Child Abuse Atlas

Pratt Library is happy to announce the addition of two new resources, the Child Abuse Atlas and the Child Abuse Evidence database.

"The Child Abuse Atlas contains cases and images that illustrate 150 topics in Child & Adolescent Sexual Abuse (many of them from John McCann and David Kerns, the authors of “The Anatomy of Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse”).

The Atlas helps build skills to recognize, understand and communicate the anatomical issues surrounding Child & Adolescent Sexual Abuse.