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Symplectic Elements

Journal article

Symplectic can try to find a journal article using CrossRef. It is best to try and find publications this way first but if that does not work then try using the directions below.

Using this method in Symplectic will check not only items already in Symplectic but also CrossRef (Extrenal)

  1. Go to the Home tab
  2. In the My Summary box click on +add and choose journal article.

  3. Paste the DOI in the Title or DOI box and click Search.

    a. Found In Elements-means someone else is an author and has it in their profile.
    Click Claim.

    b. Found In External Database-means it was found using CrossRef.
    Click Claim.

Book or Chapter

Symplectic can try to find a book or chapter using Google Books. It is best to try and find a book this way first but if that does not work try using the directions below. Usually you will not find the chapter information and will have to enter that information manually after you find the book.

You will need to check the publication once it is imported into the system and potentially change a few things. Search by Title OR ISBN. If you do not have the ISBN find the ISBN of the book in Amazon.

Amazon Steps (this is only for books and book chapters)

  1. Go to the Amazon website
  2. Search the book title.
  3. If the book is found look for the ISBN (either -10 or -13) either under the image of the book cover or in the Product Details. Copy the number e.g. 978-1439150351.
  4. Login to Symplectic.
  5. From the Home tab click on the +add and choose book or chapter in the My Summary box.

  6. Paste the ISSN into the Title or ISBN and click Search.

  7. If the correct book is found in either In Elements or In External Database click Add Book or Chapter
    If the results are zero or incorrect click on Go to Next Step.

  8. Check the publication that Symplectic has imported. Often required fields will need to be entered manually. Follow these instructions in the first column and enter the rest of the information manually.