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Symplectic Elements

Pubmed-find PMID or PMCID

Pubmed Steps:

  1. Go to Pubmed.
  2. Search the title of the item needed.
  3. If the item is found look underneath the abstract and find the PMID or PMCID.
  4. Copy the number (ctrl C)
  5. Go to Adjust My Search Settings and paste the number e.g. 26000817 into Online Search IDs.



Add publication using PMID, Accession number or eid in Symplectic

Once a PMID (PubMed), Accession number (Web of Science) and/or eid (Scopus) are found these online IDs can be added into a Symplectic profile.

  1. Find the online ID from at least one of three databases (some articles will not be in any of them) following the directions in the first column and make note of the online ID.
  2. Go to Symplectic and login.
  3. In the Menu tab click on Search Settings in the Manage box.
  4. Scroll down to Specific article IDs.
  5. Paste the online id, making sure to change Online Database to the source where your found the information and click on the green plus sign .
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save, then scroll to the top of the page and click Run my searches.

  7. Go the the Home tab and click Refresh (to the right of the web address at the top) every few minutes on your browser.

  8. Once all of the databases have been searched the new publication that you wanted to add will show up as new in red at the top in My Actions as well as next to Journal articles in the My Summary box*. Click on either number and claim the new publication. Please note if it does not show up look in your Not mine tab. Sometimes items are accidentally deleted and Symplectic is smart enough to know that it is the system. You will need to move this item by clicking Claim in the Not Mine tab.

*There are two exceptions to this:

  1. If the article that you are trying to enter is actually in your Not Mine tab, Symplectic with not find anything. Double check the Not Mine tab if you do not see a new publication to claim.
  2. If the article is already in your Mine tab and you are just trying to update information (e.g. add a Scopus record in an item that only has PubMed). If this is the case, you will need to go to the Mine tab, find the publication, click on the title and then refresh until you see the symbol representing the database you are adding e.g. This will show up in the data sources section of the publication.
    Please email if you have any trouble.

Scopus-find eid

Scopus Steps:

  1. Go to Scopus (follow these directions to login).
  2. Search the title of the item needed.
  3. If the item is found look at the URL address above the item. The number after eid= is the Scopus number the Symplectic Elements uses to find the item. Copy this number.
  4. Go to Adjust My Search Settings and paste the number e.g. 2-s2.0-84958551403 into Online Search IDs.