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Symplectic Elements


Export Steps:

  1. In Symplectic Elements go the tab that contains items that need to be exported into one of the formats including Publications or in all three tabs; Mine, Pending or Not mine.
  2. Choose the Sort by order desired e.g. Reporting date or First Author
  3. Check the item(s) for export using one of these methods:
    1. Check each item one by one on each page
    2. Check the Select All on the page, page by page
  4. Click on the Export button above the list of publications and choose one of these methods:
    1. Export to Refmanager/Endnote
    2. Export to PDF(APA 6)-American Psychological Association format
    3. Export to Word (APA6)-American Psychological Association format
  5. Endnote, a PDF or a Word document will automatically open with the items selected.