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Symplectic Elements

Impersonate another User

  1. On the Home tab in the persistent header click on IMPERSONATE ANOTHER USER.
  2. In the Name Contains box, type in the last name of the user that the delegate will impersonate.
  3. Click Set filter.
  4. In the results list click on the name of the person.
  5. Go to Claim and Reject Scholarly Activities begin the process of claiming, rejecting and adding scholarly activities.
  6. To Logout of the author's account, go the persistent header at the top of the screen and click on the red .

Impersonate Another User-Video

Select a Delegate

  1. Click on Menu tab-My Account box-Account Settings-Manage Delegates.
  2. In the section Manage Delegates, Add delegate, type in the name e.g. Smith, Jane D. (auto-fill will find the name using Outlook) in the Name (surname first) field.
  3. When the correct name appears click the Add Delegate button on the right.
  4. The delegate can now Impersonate Another User to claim, reject and add any scholarly activity.

To delete delegates click on the red  next to the name of the person that should be removed. If the delegate is not removed this person will continue to receive emails about the author's publications.


Select a Delegate-Video