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The Rubinstein Library Version One

The Rubinstein Library

DDBP Faculty Research Publications

Evidence for Three Subgroups of Female FMR1 Premutation Carriers Defined by Distinct Neuropsychiatric Features: A Pilot Study 
L. M. Schmitt, K. C. Dominick, R. Liu, E. V. Pedapati, L. E. Ethridge, E. Smith, J. A. Sweeney, C. A. Erickson 

Semantic Verbal Fluency in Youth with Down Syndrome: Analysis of Conventional and Contextual Cluster Formation 
E. K. Schworer, S. Belizaire, E. K. Hoffman, A. J. Esbensen 

"My mom calls it Annaland": A Qualitative Study of Phenomenology, Daily Life Impacts, and Treatment Considerations of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo 
S. P. Becker, J. W. Fredrick, J. A. Foster, K. M. Yeaman, J. N. Epstein, T. E. Froehlich, J. T. Mitchell 

Identifying key components of a web-based long term care planning intervention for family caregivers of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities 
V. E. Chicas, C. Steinway, J. Chen, M. C. Schwartz, C. Wright, M. Cornacchia, T. W. Davis, J. C. Berens, I. Riddle, J. F. Woodward, S. Jan 

Parent-Reported Problems Accessing Mental Health Services Among a National Sample of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety 
C. Conrad, N. Cerda, E. Harstad 

Factors Associated With Bullying Victimization and Bullying Perpetration in Children and Adolescents With ADHD: 2016 to 2017 National Survey of Children's Health 
C. Cuba Bustinza, R. E. Adams, A. H. Claussen, D. Vitucci, M. L. Danielson, J. R. Holbrook, S. N. Charania, K. Yamamoto, N. Nidey, T. E. Froehlich 

Comparison of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Typically Developing Children and Children with Down Syndrome 
A. J. Esbensen, J. N. Epstein, L. B. Vincent, K. Kamimura-Nishimura, S. Wiley, K. Angkustsiri, L. Abbeduto, D. Fidler, T. E. Froehlich 

Randomized Behavioral Sleep Clinical Trial to Improve Outcomes in Children With Down Syndrome 
A. J. Esbensen, E. K. Hoffman, D. W. Beebe, K. Byars, A. C. Carle, J. N. Epstein, C. Johnson 

Co-occurring medical and behavioural conditions in children with Down syndrome with or without ADHD symptom presentation 
A. J. Esbensen, L. B. Vincent, J. N. Epstein, K. Kamimura-Nishimura, S. Wiley, K. Angkustsiri, L. Abbeduto, D. Fidler, J. S. Anixt, T. E. Froehlich 

Latent profiles of autism symptoms in children and adolescents with Down syndrome 
D. J. Fidler, M. A. Prince, K. Van Deusen, A. J. Esbensen, A. J. Thurman, L. Abbeduto, L. Patel, C. Mervis, E. K. Schworer, N. R. Lee, J. O. Edgin, S. Hepburn, S. Davis, L. A. Daunhauer 

Association of Age of Enrollment in Early Intervention with Emergent Literacy in Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 
J. Meinzen-Derr, M. Altaye, W. Grove, A. T. Folger, S. Wiley 

Factors Associated with Early Intervention Intensity for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 
J. Meinzen-Derr, M. E. Tabangin, M. Altaye, J. Ehrhardt, S. Wiley 

Breastfeeding Initiation and Continuation Among Women with Substance and Tobacco Use During Pregnancy: Findings from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System 2016-2018 
N. Nidey, K. Groh, A. Agnoli, C. Wilder, T. E. Froehlich, S. Weber, L. R. Kair 

Substance Use and Utilization of Prenatal and Postpartum Care 
N. Nidey, L. R. Kair, C. Wilder, T. E. Froehlich, S. Weber, A. Folger, M. Marcotte, K. Tabb, K. Bowers 

Evaluating working memory outcome measures for children with Down syndrome 
E. K. Schworer, A. J. Esbensen, D. J. Fidler, D. W. Beebe, A. Carle, S. Wiley 

Short-term memory outcome measures: Psychometric evaluation and performance in youth with Down syndrome 
E. K. Schworer, K. Voth, E. K. Hoffman, A. J. Esbensen 

Regulating Together: Emotion Dysregulation Group Treatment for ASD Youth and Their Caregivers 
R. C. Shaffer, L. M. Schmitt, D. L. Reisinger, M. Coffman, P. Horn, M. S. Goodwin, C. Mazefsky, S. Randall, C. Erickson 

Down syndrome and the autonomic nervous system, an educational review for the anesthesiologist 
J. W. Sinton, D. S. Cooper, S. Wiley 

The Importance of Accessible Language for Development in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children 
A. Spellun, E. Shearer, K. Fitzpatrick, N. Salamy, R. Landsman, S. Wiley, M. Augustyn 

Job loss predicts worsening depressive symptoms for young adults with autism: A COVID-19 natural experiment 
J. L. Taylor, R. E. Adams, F. Pezzimenti, S. Zheng, S. L. Bishop 

Defining Expressive Language Benchmarks for Children with Down Syndrome 
A. J. Thurman, L. Bullard, L. Kelly, C. Wong, V. Nguyen, A. J. Esbensen, J. Bekins, E. K. Schworer, D. J. Fidler, L. A. Daunhauer, C. B. Mervis, C. H. Pitts, A. M. Becerra, L. Abbeduto 

Caregivers of individuals with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome: Perspectives, experiences, and relationships with medical professionals 
J. Webster, S. Wiley, E. Schorry, K. Bowers, K. Collins Ruff, I. Riddle